Ice Bases

H. Fox is proud to introduce our newest offering of Italian/Water Ice Bases. Our products are designed to be a stand alone syrup base for use in Ice machines. Just add water, mix and voila! A Delicious dessert in a matter of minutes.

We manufacture two types of Ice Bases. Both of our bases are made with quality in mind. We have tailored our syrup to help slow separation and minimize the risk of crystallization if the end product is frozen.

Our neutral or unflavored base is ready for you to custom blend. Simply mix your own flavor into our base, add water, mix and you have perfect Ices custom blended to your taste.

Our flavored bases are ready to use. Mix our base with water and that is it. No sugar needs to be added. All of our bases were formulated with machine distributors in order to yield a perfect product every time.

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