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Diet Cola

Easily refill your soda machines and always have refreshingly sweet beverages on hand with Fox’s 5 gallon bag in box diet cola beverage / soda syrup! A corporation specializing in irresistible ice cream toppings, saccharine syrups, and fizzy soda mixes for over 100 years, H. Fox & Company takes great pride in their products.

This variation of cola, called diet cola, contains no sugar. It combines fizzy carbonation with a hint of vanilla flavor and a smaller percentage of caffeine. An essential soft drink that your soda machine can’t do without, this must-have cola can be enjoyed by all of your patrons. Diet cola makes the perfect addition to your or movie theater, stadium, restaurant, diner, fast food operation, or take out station!

Fox’s bag and box are recyclable, and this diet cola beverage syrup reduces waste by dispensing only the desired amount to mix a drink. Each 5 gallon bag in the box will yield approximately 30 gallons of soda when used with a soda dispenser. Simply add 1 part syrup to 5 parts carbonated water to use, and make measuring hassles, spills, and flat products a thing of the past!

Fox syrups are interchangeable with Pepsi and Coke products. An adapter is needed to use this product with all Coke machines. Adapters are not required with most Pepsi machines; new machines will require an adapter.

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