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Birch Beer

Delight your customers with satisfyingly sweet Fox’s birch beer based on the taste of the classic drink derived from birch sap. Its 5 parts soda to 1 part syrup concentrate features a sweet, herbal taste with an edge of bitterness. A corporation specializing in irresistible ice cream toppings, saccharine syrups, and fizzy soda mixes for over 100 years, H. Fox & Company takes great pride in their renowned products.

A carbonated, sweetened beverage similar in flavor to root beer, birch beer has a traditional appeal. This old-fashioned flavor can become a signature drink or a unique, nostalgic menu option to treat your guests. Or, use birch beer to create creamy, indulgent ice cream floats at your diner or ice cream parlor!

Each 5 gallon bag in the box will yield approximately 30 gallons of soda when used with a soda dispenser. Fox’s bag in box birch beer allows you to always have fresh soda on hand and reduce waste, while dispensing only the desired amount to mix a drink. This bag and box are recyclable, so there’s also no waste from cans or bottles!

Fox syrups are interchangeable with Pepsi and Coke products. An adapter is needed to use this product with all Coke machines. Adapters are not required with most Pepsi machines; new machines will require an adapter.

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