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H. Fox & Co., Inc. is over a 100 year old corporation. We manufacture Chocolate and flavored syrups in addition to a variety of Ice Cream toppings under the Fox's U-bet and Fox brand labels. The present management of the company represents the fifth generation of family members.

We manufacture chocolate and flavored syrups for sale to the consumer market. All of these sales are done through direct store door distributors. Currently, all of the consumer products are available in various sizes. This container was first introduced to the marketplace in the fall of 2002.

Additionally, we manufacture specialty foods that are sold to the institutional food service trade. Our account base is comprised of Ice Cream Distributors, Italian Ice Manufacturers, Bar Distributors, Food Service Distributors, Wholesale Grocers, Food Service Operators and Correctional Feeders. We presently ship throughout the continental United States and the Caribbean.

We have formulated and have begun marketing a line of products for Smoothies, Slush Syrups and Italian Water Ice Mixes. The most popular of these is Chocolate. These products have been tested in various commercially available machines and have proven to be consistent in quality and yield.

Syrups are packaged in a variety of containers: 4/1 gallon plastic jugs, 3 or 5 gallon bag-in-box containers, 5 gallon returnable containers, 5 gallon plastic pails and, 55 gallon drums and a variety of consumer size products and any other combination of sizes. The product line includes 2 to 1, 5 to 1, 6 to 1, 8 to 1, 15 to 1 and 19 to 1 syrup bases. This is in addition to our juice mixes, which range from 3% to 100% juice contents.

Today's operations resemble the original in the quality and breadth of our products. As a family business, which carries our name, we take great pride in the products we produce. The "Egg Cream" has become the legend that follows us to this day. Stories abound about how the "Egg Cream" started. Please see our recipes section and follow us on Facebook for updates, stories, recipes and we encourage you to add to our trove of Brooklyn lore.

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